Junk Removal & Hauling Services

Moving in? Moving out?
Let the junk removal experts at R&R Clean Up get the property ready for the move with our property cleanout service!

Learn why our customers say that we are "the easiest part of the whole move" and let R&R ease the stress of your transition.


Easy, Quick, & Convenient Junk Removal Services

Whether you’re staging your home to sell or need a cleanout before you can move in, our junk removal service will help with any of your cleanout needs including:
  • Pre-listing cleanouts
  • Post-move cleanouts
  • Foreclosure cleanouts
  • Construction cleanouts & debris removal
  • Commercial cleanouts

Let Us De-Stress the Mess with our Move-out / Move-in Junk Removal Service.

You packed the dishes, emptied the closets and the kids rooms, but what about the cluttered garage or the attic you’ve been “storing” things in for years? Stressing over how to de-clutter your basement? Our professional junk removal team has you covered.

Our de-cluttering experts can make short work of the problem, leaving you with just the things you really need to move into your next home. R&R Clean Up – Harford, Cecil, and Baltimore County’s 5-star full service junk removal company – will get the job done quickly and haul away & properly dispose of your unwanted items.

Residential Moving Junk Removal and Estate Cleanouts

Home and estate cleanouts are a huge part of what our junk removal team offers. In fact, much of our crew specializes in residential clean up and junk hauling services.

We do it all — from clearing out dingy basements and crawl spaces to complete attic, basement, or garage cleaning outs. If you have large items like old furniture, appliances, and exercise equipment that isn’t going with you in the move, we do that too!

Face it, planning and coordinating a move is a huge process and being the one to handle cleaning out a whole home or large space can result in major headaches (and backaches). It can be a daunting job that seems impossible to accomplish on your own or even with the help of friends, family and neighbors.

It usually goes something like this: You work until you are ready to drop – you move everything out of the room or house, you organize trash, sweep the floors and do other cleaning, and when it’s all done you’re still left with a giant pile of rubbish that you need hauled away.

We do this everyday, and can do it for you in a safe, efficient, and affordable manner that saves you valuable energy and time.

Our five-star junk removal professionals have years of experience and are passionate about delivering cleanout services that are stress-free for you, your family, and your moving company. We arrive on time, ready to work, and prepared to exceed your expectations.

Why break your back when you could use ours to pick up your junk?

We do ALL of the pickup, hauling, and disposal for you! If you need to remove large quantities of junk/clutter from your property, you could rent a dumpster-but why do ALL that labor and have to wait for it to be picked up?

R&R Clean Up, LLC handles:

  • Residential Junk Removal
  • Commercial Junk Removal
  • Construction Clean Up
  • Estate Clean Outs 
  • Light Demolition Projects
  • Trash Removal
  • Yard Waste Cleanup
  • & More

We also offer same-day & next day options for those that need it done in a hurry. 

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Related Property Cleanout Services


If you manage a residential or commercial property, you understand that prepping a vacated rental property for new tenants generally means a lot of time and effort on your part. You may be faced with cleaning, repairs, installing new carpets, and/or painting. Sometimes the previous occupants leave behind junk, trash, and items they no longer want. In other words, you’re left to take care of junk removal and hauling. Property cleanouts tend to involve old mattresses, furniture, clothing, heavy exercise equipment and other garbage. When a tenant is moving out or is evicted, it’s nice to have a few helping hands for an eviction cleanout job, as well as junk removal for all rental properties.


When facing a foreclosure, you have no idea what type of mess you might walk into. As a newly minted home owner or real estate agent, you may deal with a foreclosure property that is littered with clutter and junk throughout the home and lawn. Our team knows what it takes to return a house to good condition and prepare it for sale and for your move-in. We remove all yard debris and garbage outside and inside of the property. We load up items that can be salvaged or donated, as well as damaged kitchen appliances, construction debris, and scrap metal that can be recycled. Our crew is also capable of hauling away big items including junk cars, boats, and above ground pools that cannot be saved.


If you are a seasoned house flipper, there’s a good chance you’ve purchased a rundown property that is full of old appliances, furniture, and junk. Perhaps you have considered taking on the responsibility of cleaning out the home and hauling away the junk yourself. If that’s the case, you know it can be a time-consuming job when you already have a lot to do to get the property ready for sale or rental. We go through everything that has been left behind, sorting what can be saved and what is pure trash. We even provide light demolition services so you can get started fast on your renovation project.

General Junk Removal Items

Doesn’t junk tend to add up in your home over the years? Exactly! Declutter your house and reduce your stress by hiring the right crew! R&R Clean Up of course!

Construction Debris Removal

Whether you have a DIY project at home or are a commercial business looking for some quick pick up; R&R Clean Up has got your back!

Shed Removal & Demolition

Shed removal can be a dangerous job, but not for R&R Clean Up! We take the proper precautions & make quick work of it!

Attic Cleanouts

No one wants to go into the attic to clean it out, right? WRONG! R&R Clean Up will do that for you too!

Yard Debris

Branches, brush, old junk in the yard, etc. Yup, we take it all!

Appliance Removal

Old washer, dryer, or fridge breakdown in your home? Well, the easiest option is R&R Clean Up! We will get it out of there the same day!

Couch, Sofa, & Love Seat Removal

Couches are so bulky, aren’t they? In other words, we make furniture removal look easy! Give us a call!

TVs & Other Electronics

Electronics come and go, but there is nothing more frustrating than an electronic that doesn’t work! Let R&R Clean Up same day junk removal take care of it for you.



R&R Clean Up is Harford County’s premier junk removal company specializing in residential and commercial junk removal, cleanout services, light demolition, and debris removal.

We know what it is like to be overwhelmed with junk, feeling like all of your space is taken up with useless things that you don’t need anymore. This can be incredibly frustrating, but fortunately, our team of Maryland junk removal experts has the experience and skills to get all of that useless trash out of your life for good. We will not stop until you are left with more space than you ever thought possible.

Your time and happiness with a job well done is our priority. You can call us at (443) 791-8886 or fill out the quick quote form and someone from our Harford County shop location we will get back to you with a free no-hassle junk haul estimate in no time.