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Why you Should Hire a Junk Removal and Cleanout Company to Declutter your Basement

Most homeowners assume that their attics and basements are a complete waste of space. However, these spaces can actually add significant value to your home and improve your quality of life once you take the time to declutter your basement. Here are some ways to make your basement or attic more usable.

Decluttering Your Basement Can Add Value to Your Home

Decluttering Your Basement can seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. By breaking down the process into different zones for different seasons, you’ll have an easier time finding the items you need, and the clutter will be kept under control. To get started, assess the larger task at hand and find the right partner to provide expert decluttering and organizing advice and let you focus on the bigger picture – not the heavy lifting, while adding value to your home.

Decluttering your Basement with Professional Help

Experts recommend hiring a professional organizer to assist you in the task. They can give you valuable tips and help you get started on the right foot. The process can be very emotional, so you’ll want to be patient and not give up too soon! Decide what you want to keep and what you can donate or relocate. If you don’t have time to organize, consider renting a storage locker. It will help you pack up things for donation.

A professional decluttering and junk removal team can make the organizing of your basement a less daunting task. They’ll start by assessing the space then categorizing and dividing the task into manageable chunks. For example, they may start by decluttering the basement’s storage area, then move on to the living area. They’ll also help by working with you to envision how you plan on using the space and make recommendations on what to things to keep that will help with the flow of the new space.

The next step in organizing your basement is to make a list of everything that belongs there. Once you’ve created a list of all the items, you can begin the process of purging. Identifying what belongs where and why will help you determine which items need to go where. A few things that you should consider throwing away include a broken chair and an old box of knick-knacks. Once you’ve categorized everything, you can either donate them or throw them out.

You can divide the storage area into seasons or divide the storage space into sections, according to how often you use certain items. If you have seasonal clothes, place them toward the back of the basement. Use airtight containers to avoid attracting critters. Also, add desiccant packets to limit moisture. Once your basement is organized, you’ll be glad you took the time to have it organized!

Keep a box of “Relocate” items nearby. As you declutter, place items into the “Relocate” box. Put the items into their proper rooms. Don’t worry about making the rooms look perfect; you can deal with that later. When you’ve finished decluttering your basement, you’ll feel much more confident and prepared to take on other tasks. If you’ve never tackled decluttering before, now’s the time to get started!

It can prevent pest infestations

In addition to cleaning the sink, decluttering your basement can help prevent pest infestations. Pests like moist, dark, and protected spaces to hide. By removing all items that may harbor insects and rodents, you’ll make your basement less appealing to pests. Keep wood piles out of your basement, as these will attract termites. Use rock mulch instead. If you can’t avoid throwing away old furniture and other items, make sure that your basement doesn’t harbor piles of wood.

You may also want to keep away damp firewood. These can harbor a variety of pests, including mice. To avoid this problem, remove all firewood from your basement, and store it outside. You should also keep your children’s toys out of the basement. Children can become ill from mold-ridden toys. Don’t leave them in the basement, either. While they may not be fun to play with, mold can build up in them.

If you’re not sure whether you’re prone to pests, consider doing a wardrobe swap. This is a good opportunity to clear out any unwanted clothes. Overstuffed closets can become a home for pests like spiders and bed bugs. If you have a bed, be sure to vacuum under it to prevent bed bugs. While many spiders are harmless, some are dangerous and can bite you.

A cluttered basement also provides a breeding ground for many types of pests. Roaches, mice, and cockroaches can live in damp, moist places, so it’s important to check for water sources in your basement. Excess water attracts cockroaches, silverfish, and other creepy crawlies. So, a clean basement can prevent these pesky insects from invading your home.

Basement Cleanout

Once you’re ready to get organized, the next step is to call an expert. That’s where R&R Clean Up can help. Our team is happy to help you plan the project, organize and clean up your space, & haul away your junk and dispose of it responsibly. This means we help donate, recycle, and repurpose what we can as opposed to tossing everything into a landfill. Give us a call at (443) 791-8886 or click here to schedule your basement cleanout.

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